Sponsorship and Donations Guidelines

Why we have Guidelines

Darrell Lea often becomes inundated with proposals during peak seasons and we believe that providing guidelines is an efficient method to help us make informed decisions.

General Criteria

Darrell Lea prioritises opportunities that represent the key values and goals that are held by our company:

  • Bringing joy to people and creating a fun environment
  • Caring for the environment
  • Delivering Quality
  • Innovative thinking

When considering sponsorship, we also look for:

  • Opportunities that are local to us
  • We generally require a minimum 3 month lead time
  • Opportunities without religious, political or divisive objectives
  • Opportunities that have a positive impact on the environment or community
  • Opportunities that will have a positive skew on our market perception.


Please download our Application Form which provides the form as well as further details on the application process.