Introducing, the new Choc-Lea-Bloc!

It’s common knowledge that we make Australia’s finest chocolate using our 5 roll-refined manufacturing process, but this wasn’t enough for us – we also wanted to create the most innovative block that was packed full of yum, bursting at the seams with generous chunks, bumps and lumps of your favourite Darrell Lea products!

And then we hit a snag, or more accurately a corner! No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t get our bumpy, lumpy, chunky, yummy all the way to the corners of our blocks. Refusing to compromise on our quality expectations, it was time to start thinking outside the square (or in this case, the rectangle)!
Then the epiphany came: eliminate the corners, ‘Re-invent the wheel’!

With a dash of Aussie ‘Victa Mower’ style ingenuity and a lot of bravado, we kicked the corners to the kerb, freeing the yum from the 6×9 prison it has endured for longer than a Lord of the Rings movie marathon!

The result; a satisfying, fabuliciously jam-packed, round-house for your mouth round, where yum roams 20% more freely and uninhibited. Each Choc-Lea-Bloc contains two circular, segmented blocks of chocolatey Darrell Lea goodness, bursting at the seams with amazing flavours.

Twin packs are available in Big W and Singles are available in Caltex

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