Darrell Lea bound for continued growth!


Darrell Lea has been a favourite of every Australian for decades and upon placing themselves into voluntary administration in 2012, Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister at the time, was disheartened and stated that she hoped a new owner would step forward and keep this “icon of Australian business” running.

The reestablishment of Darrell Lea by the Quinn family in the September of 2014 saw immediate interest within the community with a crowd of over 17,000 coming to celebrate with us at our Grand Opening Father’s Day Fete at our brand new factory in Ingleburn.

This day generated both a huge amount of excitement and a huge amount of sales. Since then, not only has the factory store been full of customers, but the supermarkets that sell our products claim they are constantly refilling shelves of our sold out goods.

Many people have speculated that the struggles of Darrell Lea was due to it’s inability to keep up with current times and the complacent attitude they developed during their ‘boom-time.’

With the dedicated and innovative team that now works at Darrell Lea, new and exciting products are constantly being trialled and produced, the latest of which, being our Traditional Chocolate. Upon reopening, we received large amounts of feedback asking for chocolate blocks to be produced and eventually the supermarkets were asking too. We decided it was time to accomplish this section of the confectionary world and produced our smooth and delicious Traditional Chocolate range. The release of this chocolate was only just over 2 weeks ago and we have already received immense amounts of positive feedback.

With this new and improved attitude to innovating new ideas and openness to making changes depending on the evolving social requirements of the company, economists are now claiming that Darrell Lea is bound for continuous economic growth. Darrell Lea is still privately owned and available across Australia, however, a change has been made to better suit todays society in which our products are now being sold through supermarkets and specialty stores, rather than Darrell Lea shops.

This openness will ensure Darrell Lea is able to reach their potential sales and encourage economic growth in the future as our products will be able to reach more Darrell Lea loving Australians.