Darrell Lea’s new Traditional Chocolate

Australians have adored Darrell Lea’s delicious chocolate for decades, so this initiative to re-launch Darrell Lea Traditional Chocolates has been very exciting. The innovators at Darrell Lea take much pride in their creative ideas, instead of creating the usual modern day chocolate block, Darrell Lea has created an experience for their customers.

Upon opening the Traditional Chocolate, you are presented with 2 leaves of carefully hand formed chocolate, a recipe leaflet and a mold. Due to the five roll refining method used by Darrell Lea, we can proudly say we produce chocolate of superior quality. Our Traditional Chocolate is made from real chocolate and, therefore, our chocolate is both delicious to eat and easy to cook with!

The leaflet that is included with your chocolate will help to inspire your cooking by demonstrating the many ways Darrell Lea Traditional Chocolate can be used to make your favourite sweets taste so much better.

As our chocolate comes in 2 leaves, we have included a mold so customers have the option of adding their favourite ingredients and making their own unique chocolate block.

The customer response to Darrell Lea Traditional Chocolate has been overwhelmingly positive, hundreds of people have already responded with recipe ideas, as well as ideas for ingredients to add when making your own block chocolate.

“What a cute idea for a gift!” stated Alison Montgomery, one of our customers. “Now I can make my grandad’s favourite chocolate and chilli block!”

We asked many customers for feedback and they were quick to tell us how delicious and satisfying our chocolate is.

“This is like heaven, why have you just started making it now?” exclaimed one of our excited shop customers upon sampling our chocolate. Better late than never, am I right?

With the smooth, creamy texture and endless uses of our Traditional Chocolate, we knew it would be another Aussie classic!