Happy Father’s Day 2014


On Saturday, September 6th 2014, Darrell Lea was finally ready for their highly anticipated Grand Opening Father’s Day Fete at the newly developed State of the art facility in Sydney’s West. This Grand Opening Father’s Day Fete, not only spread the word that we were once again producing Australia’s favourite treats, but also allowed us to reclaim our status as one of the leading brands of Father’s Day.

Many spectacular events took place throughout the day and attracted a crowd of over 17,000 to come and celebrate with us. This included the Campbelltown state Liberal MP, Mr Bryan Doyle, who was excited to join us and cut the ribbon for our official opening. Upon interviewing Mr Doyle, he claimed what a great opportunity it is for Campbelltown to have Darrell Lea’s factory so close and was thrilled with the success of our Grand Openibg Father’s Day Fete.

Tony Quinn kindly supplied two of his Aussie Racing Cars, offering the opportunity for people to be taken on ‘hot laps’ around the factory, as well as providing his Mclaren MP12C GT3R to be displayed, the first one of it’s type in the southern hemisphere.

Darrell Lea not only provided free samples of their products but also held confectionary making demonstrations which generated much excitement between both kids and adults who were amazed to see how their favourite Aussie treats are created. Our car park was filled with jumping castles, slides, contests and entertainers which amused whole families. Everyone was intrigued to try our new products and the customer line was out the door, although no one had any complaints as our staff members handed out delicious sweets to them, keeping everyone in high spirits.

The Grand Opening was a way of showing Darrell Lea is being brought back to life with new products, new management and new equipment as well as inviting the newer generations to grow up with an iconic Australian Brand that has been loved for decades before. Due to this innovative Grand Opening Day, we have increased awareness of the brands renaissance and furthermore, the Darrell Lea factory has become somewhat of a destination for passing travellers. Darrell Lea is a well known Australian Brand and the news of our re-opening is rapidly growing and exciting customers.