The Chick is back in 2016!


Dear Australia,

Since 2012 we have all lamented the loss of the little fluffy chick that traditionally perched upon the essential Darrell Lea Nougat Egg, which has been faithfully delivered to you by the Easter Bunny since the early thirties. The little chicks had seemingly flown the coop, bumped off the wagon along the Rocklea Road back from Darrell Lea’s financial distress.

Many of us took to writing letters, making phone calls and writing on Darrell Lea’s Facebook page in a plea to bring these little guys home to roost. These small fluffy chickens are not simply a poultry trinket, they are an essential part of the Aussie Easter Sunday.

Finally, this year we can count our chickens before they hatch as they are back in force. Fluffy cute and cross-eyed as ever; we are so proud to say that Darrell Lea Nougat Egg Chicks will rule the roost once more!

Happy Easter Australia

From Darrell Lea

Loved by you and the Easter Bunny since 1927.