Marble Slab Tempering Method


Marble Slab Tempering Method
  1. Darrell Lea Traditional Chocolate
  2. 1 Small Heat proof Bowl
  3. 1 Large Heat proof Bowl
  4. Chopping Board
  5. Pallet Knife
  1. Break Chocolate into the small bowl
  2. Fill the large bowl with hot water (almost boiling)
  3. Place the small bowl into the large bowl and stir until all the chocolate is melted and smooth and is at a temperature of 45°C*.
  4. Take two thirds of the chocolate out of the bowl and spread it across the chopping board using a pallet knife.
  5. When this chocolate drops to a temperature of 28°C, put it back into the bowl with the other third of the chocolate and stir together. This will bring together the two temperatures and create a temperature of 31°C.
  6. Pour the Chocolate into the mould and make sure it is smooth.
  7. Tap the mould on the side of the bench to eliminate any air bubbles in the chocolate and then cover in glad wrap.
  8. Place in fridge for a minimum of 2 hours; 24 hours is preferable.
  1. * All temperatures are for Milk Chocolate, please view the temperature chart for variations
Darrell Lea
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