Waterbath tempering method
  1. Darrell Lea Traditional Chocolate
  2. 2 Large heat proof bowls
  3. 1 Small heat proof bowl
  4. A Thermometer
  5. Water
  1. Put your chopped chocolate pieces into the small bowl.
  2. Fill a larger bowl 1/2 full of boiled water.
  3. Put the bowl of chopped chocolate into the larger bowl with the boiled water. Be careful not to get water into the chocolate bowl.
  4. Stir until 2/3 of the chocolate is melted. Place thermometer into the chocolate. Stir frequently until temperature reaches 45°C*.
  5. Take the smaller bowl out and place into a large bowl of cool water, bringing the temperature down to 27-28°C. Keep stirring the chocolate.
  6. When the temperature of the chocolate drops to 28°C (chocolate will start to thicken up slightly), pour the cool water into the bowl of boiling water to create your luke warm water bath. Continue stirring chocolate and put thermometer into the chocolate. Chocolate is ready to work with when it reaches 30-31°C.
  1. *All temperatures are for Milk chocolate, refer to tempering chart for variations.
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Click here to watch how the Waterbath tempering method is completed.